Aged Care

WLS provides a range of products to the aged care market and is highly regarded within this context, a position established through consistent outstanding customer service.

For our aged care clients, the WLS service extends beyond delivery to a central location whereby we deliver and manage linen levels in the facility.

The products WLS supplies to our aged care customers include:

  • Bed pads / sheets
  • Mattress protectors
  • Bed covers / screens
  • Drawer sheets
  • Ladies nighties

Our Vision

Provide linen solutions of excellence to our customers


Our Mission

WLS provide linen solutions across the healthcare network by leveraging its:

  • Highly skilled and trained workforce;
  • Aligned goals, values and compliance framework;
  • Consistent and reliable delivery model;
  • Knowledge of new and emerging technologies striving for continuous improvement;
  • Highly respected position as a leader in Linen Industry best practice - (compliance standards, regulation and  OHS);
  • Resilient partnerships that are respectful of customer’s needs and changing environments.