As part of our commitment ‘to improve the health and wellbeing of our community,’ WLS provides in-kind support to a number of organisations whose values align to ours.

WLS currently sponsors the following programs:

  • Warragul Football and Netball Club
  • Warragul Basketball Association
  • Gippsland Power Football Club
  • Gippsland Sports Academy
  • Lifeline Gippsland
  • Homelessness Persons Week 2017
  • Rotary Gippsland
  • Gippsland Community Leadership Program – building the capacity of future regional leaders
  • Working with local care groups providing linen (which are no longer fit for purpose) to overseas countries in need. WLS provided threare scrubs to Tonga in 2015.
  • Providing table linen for major fund raising events
  • Health related programs improving community health outcomes

If you would like WLS to consider sponsoring your organisation, please complete this application form

Our Vision

Provide linen solutions of excellence to our customers


Our Mission

WLS provide linen solutions across the healthcare network by leveraging its:

  • Highly skilled and trained workforce;
  • Aligned goals, values and compliance framework;
  • Consistent and reliable delivery model;
  • Knowledge of new and emerging technologies striving for continuous improvement;
  • Highly respected position as a leader in Linen Industry best practice - (compliance standards, regulation and  OHS);
  • Resilient partnerships that are respectful of customer’s needs and changing environments.