Our business is a community centred organisation, supporting the members of our community and showing respect for the environment in which we operate.

WLS employees are part of a tight knit community. For instance, WLS staff who are members of local CFA brigades are granted leave if they are required to assist in an emergency.

The WLS workforce is often involved in sponsorship and charity activities which they promote within WLS to garner support. Much needed funds have been raised to support the Royal Children's Hospital through the 'Good Friday Appeal,' Breast Cancer Network Australia, the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' and the Gippsland ‘Ice Melt Down' project.

WLS is a member of the Committee for Gippsland which undertakes a range of projects with the aim of achieving outcomes that benefit the Gippsland region. WLS is also involved in the ‘Broadening Horizon’s’ project, involving the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, to improve employment outcomes.  

                                                           Mark Fox - member of the WLS Transport 
                                                           Team & Drouin Fire Brigade 2nd Lieutenant


Our Vision

Provide linen solutions of excellence to our customers


Our Mission

WLS provide linen solutions across the healthcare network by leveraging its:

  • Highly skilled and trained workforce;
  • Aligned goals, values and compliance framework;
  • Consistent and reliable delivery model;
  • Knowledge of new and emerging technologies striving for continuous improvement;
  • Highly respected position as a leader in Linen Industry best practice - (compliance standards, regulation and  OHS);
  • Resilient partnerships that are respectful of customer’s needs and changing environments.