Other Services

WLS offers additional unique services to our customers which include:

  • Facility management – WLS offers onsite linen facilities management
  • Fleet management – WLS has its own dedicated transport fleet
  • Sewing and mending – WLS offers its customers access to its repairs and alterations service
  • Lost property coordination – WLS receives and processes lost property and strives to return it to its owners

Our Vision

Provide linen solutions of excellence to our customers


Our Mission

WLS provide linen solutions across the healthcare network by leveraging its:

  • Highly skilled and trained workforce;
  • Aligned goals, values and compliance framework;
  • Consistent and reliable delivery model;
  • Knowledge of new and emerging technologies striving for continuous improvement;
  • Highly respected position as a leader in Linen Industry best practice - (compliance standards, regulation and  OHS);
  • Resilient partnerships that are respectful of customer’s needs and changing environments.